Dead Space 3 Wishlist

Dead Space 2 was a great game, but it had its faults. Although it fell short from my expectations and lives in the dark shadow of the original, it brought some tightened controls and better graphics. Why stop there? Dead Space 3 will undoubtedly come out within the next year or two and there are some things it can do to better the franchise and have it not become like, let’s say, Resident Evil. What can be done? Well…

Random Enemy Spawns/Scares
A self proclaimed survival horror game is supposed to have you on the edge of your seat almost 100% of the time, right? Well after a single playthrough, most enemy spawns and jump scares are deeply fused to your cerebrum, completely killing the essential element of surprise. Why does it have to always be the same monster closet that a necromorph leaps out of? It would cool if the places of enemies would change slightly, always keeping you on edge. That edge is the fix of this dying genre.

Wave Based Survival Mode(s)
I’m not the person to complain about not having online multiplayer in any game, as I don’t get a big chance to experience that part of the game. While games like inFamous 2 have creatively dodged the increasing pressure to include multiplayer by adding user generated missions, other games have not been so lucky. Dead Space 3 should be the next game to creatively embrace the online space by capitalizing on the satisfying combat by adding a Horde-like, wave based, co-op mode. Not only would it have people keep the game longer, something EA desperately wants you to do, it would be a good next step for the series. A lot of creative objectives could be added a la Uncharted 2 style but this is just the jump off point.

Enemy Spawns In Front
This should be a given. Just simply keep the guys that need some dismemberment in front of me and I will be more than happy.

Make It Scarier
Is Dead Space 2 scary? Well it depends on your definition of scary, but “tense” and “surprising” would be better descriptors. While having an amazing atmosphere, Dead Space 2 fell back on old, Resident Evil 1 style “scares” of an enemy playing dead on the floor, which can’t cut it so frequently in 2011. Some moments deviated from that path but most fell stale. The jump scares should still be present in Dead Space 3 but should have more variety so they aren’t going to become expected. Changing up what happens will keep the player engaged and on the edge of their seat.
The best parts in Dead Space 1 were where you had to avoid the Regenerator necromorph, something you could only avoid and slow down. The scenes where he showed up and tried to mess up your day were frightening as hell because you were almost helpless. His daunting abilities were also foreshadowed, so by the time you encountered him, you were scared shitless every time as you ran for your life. Dead Space 3 needs to have more moments like that where you are doing tasks that require thought and fine precision under the stress of being dismembered by an almighty space zombie. DS2 clumsily attempted this but it was so late in the game and didn’t have any build up that it didn’t have the same impact. Duplicating the Nemesis from Resident Evil would be hard, but if they pulled something off to actually be frightened of, it would make this future game make you want to play with night light on.

The series does a bunch of things right but there are just a few aspects I want to see added and improved upon to keep the series fresh and entertaining. What would you want to see in the next Dead Space? Let me know in the comments!

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