Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters Review


Platforms: Xbox 360*, PS3*
Release Date: June 7, 2011

Comic book games started to make a comeback from being known as digital piles of trash. First we had X-Men Origins: Wolverine which made playing as Wolverine a visceral delight, and then we had the classic Batman: Arkham Asylum. Both titles softened me up and had me open to try other games within the comic book ilk. Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters sure curb stomped those steadily rising hopes, and sent them almost to square one with this terrible attempt at a full-priced game.

I’m sure something happened within the story of the game, I just can’t really say what. Three dorks, the wimpy human, snobby purple man, and a manbearpig lookalike all possess the special ring to make constructs to kill evil and all that jazz. Said evil is called (brace for it) the Manhunters. I bet you can guess the rest. You and your Breakfast Club of idiots must stop them and apparently be horrifically bored while doing so.

Nothing somewhat interesting happens the whole time within the context of the story. You go here, listen to bad voice acting from the main character (with a bunch of “hilarious” zingers!), kill what is standing there and repeat. The characters do some minimal talking but nothing makes sense or is exciting. It might have helped to know the lore, but a good story should stand on its own two feet and not have to rely on prior knowledge on the aliens and their worlds.

These alien worlds aren’t very well realized either due to a poor, uninspired graphical style. Only one, far off environment looked better than average, with all rest just managing to hover at okay or just under it. Character models range from “meh” to flat-out horrific. The main character’s model is ridiculously hideous with blocky “ice cream” hair and no detail work anywhere else. Ryan Reynolds, wherever he is, should be offended at his in-game counterpart.

Playing this game doesn’t fare well either. Combat can seem somewhat serviceable at first, but something will being strikingly apparent a few minutes in: the controls are sluggish to react. Every single move, especially the defensive ones, takes too long to activate and respond, leaving combat to feel like sticky mess. Blocking is basically useless because it takes so long for the defense bubble to pop up, leaving you to rely on the dodge instead. Offensive capabilities respond a bit better, but it lacks any sort of impact. On screen, Jordan is hacking and slashing away with huge green swords (albeit moving extremely slowly with very limited range), but it sounds like he is striking down enemies with tin cans. Constructs are cool to mess around with (throwing jet planes and slamming down giant hammers can have its momentary tingle of excitement), but since almost all aspects feel slow, any remnants of fun quickly evaporate. Even the co-op falls flat. As a whole, it’s extremely unsatisfying, leaving combat to become a chore with few thrills.

There isn’t even much to talk about in Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters. The game is literally one long, linear corridor with monotonous level design and few different enemies to kill. Boring is an understatement when describing every aspect within this game as I always wanted it end. Not for story purposes, but being relieved in the fact that I didn’t have to play it again. Maybe they can use the ring for a green light construct of a better game.


+Constructs are cool to mess around with and upgrade
-Combat is sluggish
-Mediocre graphics and sound effects
-Abysmal story and cast of characters
-Monotonous, repetitive, and too linear

Final Score: 5/10
*It is on other platforms but, since the game is similar for sure on the PS3 and Xbox 360, I only felt comfortable judging those versions.

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