Kenshi – Mortal Kombat DLC Mini-Review

Platforms: Playstation Network, Xbox Live Arcade
Release Date: July 5, 2011

Only two weeks after the blood lady Skarlet, NetherRealm studios has cranked out another downloadable character for Mortal Kombat‘s steadily increasing roster. Kenshi is a blind swordsman that has appeared in past games and has come to make a return here. Regardless of whether he can read braille or not, Kenshi is a great addition this game.

While Skarlet‘s approach to combat was quick, but less powerful, Kenshi finds a happy balance between strength and agility. His sword is put to great uses as he can use it to easily start a juggle while he is slashing away or just do some plain ol’ damage on the ground. Kenshi doesn’t only use his sword, but some sort of telekinesis or other phantasm-like body. This blue ghost-Kenshi acts like pseudo projectile as it acts as his ranged attack. The moves associated with this “ghost” are useful for longer combos as you kick your opponent across the screen and follow it up for more of a beat down. I found him similar to someone like Noob-Saibot or Ermac (although not overpowered) but with some good melee combat with a good amount of special and regular moves.

His X-Ray may be harder to combo into, but it is a ranged attack so some slack is given. It’s definitely brutal, with a handle bash and a swift vertical slice through the opponent’s front. Damage seems appropriately scaled and is a visually amusing X-Ray. His fatalities fare just as well. The second one, Split Ends, is my favorite but both are pretty solid. They both hit the “gross and creative” check box that every fatality must go through and, although they didn’t blow my mind, I appreciated both.

Kenshi, like DLC before him, doesn’t appear in the Nekropolis for stat tracking and he lacks a second costume. It is still disappointing, but definitely not a deal breaker. Klassic skins for Smoke and Noob-Saibot are included with Kenshi and both are very cool, if predictable, outfits.

As I said with Skarlet, the five dollar price point is probably the only thing that would hold you back from getting a this new combatant. Feeling different but comfortable, Kenshi is balanced with some great moves of his own to show off. While I liked Skarlet, I didn’t use her as my main, but I’m strongly leaning in favor of learning Kenshi’s ins and outs to have him be a weapon in my personal arsenal. Kenshi may have had to sacrifice his eyesight wield his legendary sword, but it made a damn fine character to play as because of it.

Fatality #1: Scatterbrained

Fatality #2: Split Ends

X-Ray: Soul Blade

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