Kevin’s Top 10 of 2011

We’re already into 2012? More games are coming out? Well I guess it’s time to look back into 2011 and see what my top ten games of 2011 were.

10. Bulletstorm

This over-the-top first person shooter was just what I needed in a game. It was fun, it had swearing, and the skillshots were a crazy part of the game. Do yourself a favor and play this fun little piece from People Can Fly and Epic Games, especially since its about $20-30 now.

9. Super Mario 3D Land

Using the 3D technology to its advantage, Super Mario 3D Land proves that the 3DS still has some fight in it. Fun gameplay, along with great use of 3D make it the perfect choice for any 3DS owner.

8. Battlefield 3

The anticipation for this game started at its announcement trailer and continued until the games release. While I couldn’t care less for the games single player campaign, the multiplayer is something to admire. All of the little improvements within multiplayer add up to what is the single best FPS to date. Vaulting, Bipods, suppression, they add something on top of the core FPS experience.

7. DiRT 3

Rally car racing is a love of mine. The precision that is required during these races is impressive. DiRT 3 is just like that, impressive. Every car, every track, every turn, feels right. The detail to attention that Codemasters put in the design shows throughout the game. Codemasters also continues their streak at having beautiful menus.

6. Saints Row: The Third

Dildo bats.

5.  Bastion

The incredibly crafted game by Supergiant Games has made them my favorite developer of 2011, and has placed Bastion easily on my top 10. Bastion also has the best art I have ever seen in any games, especially an Arcade release.

4. L.A. Noire

I loved L.A. Noire, it is one of my favorite games of all time. Maybe it’s because I love that era, murder-mystery, or fedoras. Either way, L.A. Noire has the best original story that I have ever seen, and the twist and turns along the different desks kept me going right through the end. Don’t lock this game up, give it justice by playing through it at least once.

3. Star Wars: The Old Republic

I played WoW. I played RIFT. I played LOTRO. I Played DDO. I now play SWTOR, and I will be around for a very long time. Playing as a Consular, a Knight, a Bounty Hunter, I can’t ask for anything more. This is an amazingly crafted MMO with cantinas, spaceships, and Wookies.

2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I’m a cat that uses magic and swings a one-handed mace. I live in a world where dragons come down and start fighting me. I played so much Skyrim and got nowhere as far as I thought I was. That is the beauty of this game, so much content and as much time as you have to play it.

1. Portal 2

Now I only want you gone. I’m talking to that empty feeling that has been in my heart since I shelved Portal 2 a little bit after the release of the co-op DLC. By far the funniest, most charming, clever, amazing puzzle game to ever hit store shelves is my game of the year for 2011.

Tell me what you think of my top ten games of 2011 and be sure to list yours in the comments!

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