Battlefield 3 (Multiplayer) Review

Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, PC
Release Date: October 25, 2011

One of the most important parts of a modern military shooter is the multiplayer component. Without it, these titles would be a fully priced five hour on-rails shooter. Thankfully for us, multiplayer is what the people at DICE know best. The Battlefield series is rooted with a deep multiplayer focus. (All of the Battlefield titles before the Bad Company series were multiplayer only.) Does Battlefield 3 continue the tradition of strong multiplayer? The answer is a non-surprising yes.

Battlefield 3 was designed to take down the multiplayer juggernaut Call of Duty. Every aspect of the game was set out to be better than any Battlefield before it, along with being better than Modern Warfare 3. I believe they accomplished their goal.

It is all the little things in the game that really hit the player. The simplicity of movement brought about the vaulting system where your character will jump over an object that is in your way. The detailed animations from the use of the ANT Engine. Bipods that are placeable on almost any surface. All of these things come together to add another layer on top of a solid multiplayer experience.

Gameplay in Battlefield 3 is unique to other first-person shooters on the market right now. The combination of infantry troops along with vehicle combat make the multiplayer diversified. Infantry forces can spawn as four different classes, each with their own functions. The assault class uses an assault rifle along with defibrillators and a medkit making it the medic of the game. Engineers use a carbine with an RPG and a repair tool, making them great anti-vehicle along with vehicle support. Support classes utilize a light machine gun with an ammunition box and either C4, a mortar, or a claymore. The recon class uses a sniper rife with a spawn beacon and a choice of recon equipment.

Vehicles make up the other half of gameplay variety. The player can choose to ride in a jet or a helicopter for air supremacy. A tank, an APC, and transport vehicles are all at your disposal for ground control. If boats are available, they are also there to transport you around the map. All of these vehicles included within the maps add a variety to the standard run and gun gameplay of other titles. Vehicles change tactics and give an incentive to play certain classes, capture certain objectives, and are just plain fun.

Maps are where Battlefield 3 starts to go wrong. They just aren’t that fun. I didn’t enjoy them as much as I did with the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 maps. The maps are varied, though. There are maps in different locations, each focusing on more of an urban setting. One of my favorite maps is Caspian Border. It is the map for vehicular manslaughter, nothing but open fields with tanks, jeeps, helicopters and jets everywhere. Then you get to maps like Operation Metro which has no vehicles, and when played in Conquest mode, can be easily camped on either side of the map. One sided maps ruin the Battlefield 3 experience, and it is sad to see more than one map having that problem.

Overall, Battlefield 3 is a great experience for multiplayer. If all of your friends are looking for an engaging experience that is not as tired out as the Call of Duty series, give Battlefield 3 a try. It may not be your cup of tea, but after getting used to all the madness, you’ll be the one flying that helicopter doing sweeps over the enemy flag, and that will be the only flavor you’ll want to have for a long time.


+Great vehicle combat

+Weapon sounds are the best in the business

+One of a kind moments in every match


-Some technical glitches

-Maps can be one sided

-Console player limit can make maps feel empty

Final Score: 9/10

Platform Differences: The PS3 version is on one disc, while the Xbox 360 version is on two DVDs.

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