Playstation Vita’s Must Have Games

It’s not often when a console’s launch (or launch window for that matter) has more than one game worth a crap. Think about it. You didn’t buy your Xbox 360 in hopes of sinking a ridiculous amount of hours in Kameo: Elements of Power, nor did you buy a PS2 in anticipation of endless Smuggler’s Run sessions. So I find it odd that the upcoming Sony Playstation Vita has so many games that I really want to get my hands on. While the price is actually pretty attractive (and this might seem hypocritical) and the games look good, I won’t be buying one at launch. I can just smell a fresh redesign with a bigger battery or a price drop (or both) at least year later, so I’m going to hold out. Just because I’m not buying one at launch (I say that now, I wonder if I can actually hold out) doesn’t mean I can’t drool over the many games I can’t wait to try. You should keep an eye on these too.

Mortal Kombat

If you tell me I can play the latest Mortal Kombat anywhere, you have already sold me. I feel like such a chump, but I really am looking forward buying this and playing it whenever I please, wherever I please. It has some new features from the excellent console versions, but I would have already bought it even if it was literally the same game. I put an ungodly number of hours in Tekken 5 on the PSP, and I plan to repeat that tradition with Mortal Kombat for Vita.
Here is the first footage from the Vita version.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss

I have a special place for the original Uncharted and Golden Abyss hits that same note when I lay my eyes on it. Any system with an Uncharted game is definitely worth owning and this looks to be the Vita’s killer app right at launch. Golden Abyss looks beautiful and might even faithfully emulate that Naughty Dog magic. Sold.

Lumines Electric Symphony

Blocks will fall until my eyes bleed. Lumines II was one of those addicting “one more match” games on my PSP and was perfectly constructed for a handheld. It looks to be familiar, but given how much of a time sink Lumines can be, I don’t really mind at all.

Resistance: Burning Skies

Two analog sticks? Let’s throw a first-person shooter on it! I couldn’t think of a better series to get the portable first-person shooter treatment than Resistance, one of my personal favorites. Insomniac isn’t handling it, but early signs excite with the inclusion of the signature weapon wheel being along with some footage of the Chimera. Just the fact of a first-person shooter in my hands warrants interest, but the fact that it is Resistance is just the icing.


I’ll take LittleBigPlanet on any system given my love for the series and having some LBP on the go seems to be a wonderful idea. I’m not sure if it can communicate with the PS3 version level-wise (I know you can share costumes), but hopefully the community will be able to support and have endless content ready for this new platform. It looks similar enough to the console versions, but with clever use of the touch pad and gyroscopic measures. I have an odd feeling people are going to be making a lot of cool iPhone-esque games, hitting both sides of the ever-changing portable market.

Modnation Racers: Road Trip

I never got around to the full PS3 version, but I plan to fix that with the Vita version. This handheld entry is something I’d rather see on the go, due to the cart racer’s ability to be played in spurts. Creating tracks and finding them online will extend the life of this game and I hope to finally join in on this community on a system that matches the genre a bit better.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus

I vastly prefer Ninja Gaiden Sigma II, but having the new and improved original doesn’t seem like a bad idea for that action fix. What is essentially a remake of a remake of a remake of the original Xbox game, it’ll have more small features. An easier mode that streamlines evasive maneuvers and blocking will be added, along with some rear touch pad, touch screen, and gyroscopic support. The biggest addition seems to be the Ninja Trials, which just sound like challenges. It’s nice to have some new features, but this is just plain ol’ Ninja Gaiden Sigma and that’s good enough for most people.
Here’s a video explaining the new features, but you’re probably just watching to see the beautiful and bubbly Andrea Rene.

I’m glad Sony took the hint from the 3DS and decided to sit on the product. Just look at the result! Many games are coming out, ports or not, and every owner will at least have something to play when they pick this up at or around February 22nd (the North American launch date). Coming in at $250 and $300, it seems like an appropriate price for what the consumer is getting. Fingers crossed that they keep the support like this throughout the system’s lengthy life cycle.

Did I miss any? Are you looking forward to the Vita? Let me know in the comments below!

9 thoughts on “Playstation Vita’s Must Have Games

    • Thanks! 🙂
      I didn’t forget it, I just chose to not put it on the list. I should be renting the PS3 version next week so maybe I’ll change my mind on the Vita version.

  1. “You didn’t buy your Xbox 360 in hopes of sinking a ridiculous hours in Kameo: Elements of Power”

    • Wipeout 2048 looks fantastic, I just don’t know if I’ll get to it near launch!
      I have Wipeout HD for PS3 and like it, but I don’t play it often. Maybe I would like it better on Vita because racing games seem more fit for handhelds for me.

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