House Party Release Dates and Prices Announced

In recent years, Microsoft has been doing month long events on Xbox Live that celebrate the release of new Arcade titles. It started off with the Summer of Arcade and then branched off to include House Party. It is the time for House Party next month, and Microsoft just released when we will be able to download all of the games which are part of the event.

  • Warp — February 15 — 800 Microsoft Points
  • Alan Wake’s American Nightmare — February 22 — 1200 Microsoft Points
  • Nexuiz — February 29 — 800 Microsoft Points
  • I Am Alive — March 7 — 1200 Microsoft Points

If you purchase all of the titles you get 800 Microsoft Points back to spend on anything you want.

Personally, I am excited for Alan Wake and I Am Alive as I have never even heard of the other games before writing this story.  Either way, this is leading up to be another great year of arcade for the Xbox 360 and we still have the Summer of Arcade to look forward to.

6 thoughts on “House Party Release Dates and Prices Announced

    • Warp looks pretty cool as well. It’s a like a different stealth game.
      Anyway, I felt like I didn’t give Alan Wake the proper time. I played it for 20 minutes and could not come to grips with the controls.

    • I’m sure if I spent more time with it, I’d like it.
      I still want to give a go, especially with hopes of enjoying the story (even though I know what happens).

    • I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure I know some of the big twists.
      Although I bet the journey is good so it won’t matter as much.

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