Oh, the Horrors! Part One

What started as me playing Alan Wake in preparation for American Nightmare, grew to an idea. The idea was named “Oh, the horrors!” 

When playing video games, my general rule of thumb is usually avoid horror games. This mainly stems from a fear of walking around a corner after I hear a suspicious voice, I cannot do that. So after playing Alan Wake (which can be considered a horror game,) I realized that it did not scare me as much as I thought it would.  After that, I came up with my “brilliant” idea.

I completed a game I once thought as unbeatable, so why could I not do that with other titles? That is why I am now working on a series called “Oh, the horrors!” Every so often, I will play a game listed within the horror genre and post different blogs about them. Keep in mind, this is not a blog series where I will play and finish every title, I may quit. I may quit because I feel like I cannot make it all the way through, or because game mechanics are broken. “Oh, the horrors” will be a test of game and man, and will be written for your enjoyment.

I may also cry.

Games Being Considered:

Dead Space

Alone in the Dark

Deadly Premonition

Silent Hill Homecoming

I Am Alive


(More to be possibly added)

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