Platinum Hunt: The Darkness II

I’m a certified whore… well, trophy whore that is. I’ve got a penchant for these worthless digital goods so I decided to give these some sort of feature. As I get a platinum trophy, I’ll comment how it was to get, how much I hated it, or why I just gave up on it. I may dabble with old titles that I’ve already completed or go on with my ever expanding trophy cabinet.

The Darkness II‘s platinum trophy comes as no surprise; I enjoyed getting it. Then again, I enjoyed the game a lot, but then again a good game doesn’t always translate to a good trophy list. Thankfully, this one is good on both regards.

It’s completely offline, a total plus in my book, so it gives the list flexibility within the other modes. A varied list such as this gives a little more of an incentive to try out all of the different powers. From this, I actually used the swarm and gun channeling power more because of these trophies and I began to like those powers more.

A full moon? Um... okay...

Playing the game again on Don difficulty with an even bigger moveset through New Game+ is also a part of the game you should experience. Thankfully, the trophy list rewards with a few golds for doing just that. This isn’t Call of Duty on Veteran (read: completely fucked) and is actually fun. Then again, even this mode isn’t hard but I still love living out that power fantasy.

Overall, it’s a fantastic list. Not too hard and it lets you try out each of the modes without grinding out anything. You love this game a lot, so it’s just extra icing that the trophy list is so damn good.

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