Friday News Recap: 2/18 – 2/24

I’ve been rather puzzled on how to report on the news in this fine industry. I don’t want to flood the feed with every delay or every time Capcom does some stupid, but I don’t want to leave my thoughts to myself on the current events because that’s just selfish. With some thinking, I came up with the idea of just posting a weekly recap of news I care about with a brief paragraph with each link.

New Medal of Honor Announced

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is hitting this October for the usual consoles. Danger Close is handling this game and hopefully it will be better than the plain shooter that was released in 2010. I still don’t know why that game existed and honestly, this new one is probably just going to be yet another “realistic” first-person shooter in such a flaccid, boring genre. We’ll wait and see and maybe I’ll get proven wrong.

Mass Effect… in Spaaaaaaaaaccceee… and Controversy

With such a big game, why not launch it into space? Wait, I said that wrong. Why launch it into space? Marketing, obviously, but it’s got me talking about the game so I guess it worked. Apparently, copies of Mass Effect 3 are being shot into space and will fall down to Earth to collect. It just seems like an odd, probably-expensive project.
Although what is going to be expensive is the day one DLC for Mass Effect 3. Internet users, including me (although I redeem myself) weren’t too pleased to hear that their favorite game was keeping content behind a pay wall on the first day. However, Casey Hudson said the DLC was being worked on during the time where the game was done and now, meaning it was locked out of the normal game. That calmed my nerves and is pretty acceptable. To some, it still isn’t.
However, what does everyone is a pretty red headed lady on the cover of Mass Effect 3. Yes, finally you can replace male Shepard’s cover with the fiesty FemShep. It’s small, but it’s cool how they are pushing the female protagonist aspect, something games could use more of. I was this close to replaying Mass Effect 2 with a red headed FemShep, but I really wanted to bone Miranda. That ass…

New Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Single Player DLC

I wasn’t too pleased with AC:R, but this DLC looks… well, it looks kind of lame too. Of course, this is just a judgment of what little has been shown, but it looks like Subject 16’s escapades in the real world. These have always been the worst parts of the AC games, so I’m not super stoked. I’m intrigued. I guess that’s something.

Dubstep Announces a Few Game Release Dates

Wub Wub Wub Borderlands 2 Wub Wub Wub Bazillion Guns Wub Wub Wub September 18th in America Wub Wub Wub Amazing Spider-Man Wub Wub Wub June 26th.

The Last Guardian Needs Some Western Help

I don’t know what the Hell is wrong with Japan’s development cycles. They’ve been fairly laggy (with a few exceptions) in making great games and sometimes even getting them out the door. The Last Guardian falls under the latter (and hopefully not the former). It was revealed in 2009 an has yet to even have a release date nailed down, something that is quite alarming. Given the departure of some key figures, constant delays, and this new story saying they need help, this is looking pretty dark. I’m not hitting the panic button, but I’m getting a bit concerned. Fingers crossed?

Killzone 3 Goes Free-to-Play Online

Killzone 3 tickled my fancy, but I wasn’t too interested in its multiplayer. That’s not a slight against the game; I’m not really into online shooters. Anyway, Sony is giving away the multiplayer of Killzone 3 for free next week (up to a certain level). In addition to that, they are selling the full multiplayer for $15. Principally, I love this idea. Paying for only what I want is something that I find extremely attractive and it’s an interesting experiment that I hope to see continue.

Any comments on the stories? Any cool stories I missed? Let me know in the comments below! Feedback is always appreciated!

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