LittleBigPlanet 2 Muppets DLC Level Pack Review

Platform: PS3
Release Date: January 24, 2012

This whole Muppets DLC pack comes off as odd. It’s not bad (it’s quite great), but with a game with over six million free playable levels online, why would I pay six dollars for only seven more levels? It doesn’t seem proportional, right? Well, thinking that way is missing the point, because these levels are created with the signature Media Molecule craft and add some new materials that make it worth downloading.

The Muppets are putting on a show for the audience and “Sack Thing” is also a star in this performance. It starts out as an innocent show until some menace starts tempering with the set, causing a drastic disruption within the play. Flipping and jumping across the different shows, you have to find the baddie and stop him before the play is ruined.

The show must go on!

Generic sounding, yes, but it has the same strengths as the core game of LittleBigPlanet 2. It oozes the necessary cuteness to become tolerable and funny along the way. Even though Kermit looks like he swallowed a Sack Boy, the Muppets put on a good, lighthearted performance capable of making any stoneface crack a grin a least a few times. It does feel like a kid’s cartoon, but that isn’t a pejorative.

The pack contains five normal levels and two survival levels, all of which maintain the extremely high bar of quality previously set in the other games. Each level feels different and is packed with enough variety to make everything feel new, something LBP2 nailed. The five levels introduce the new Attract-O-Gel, which is the highlight of the whole DLC pack. This mysterious substance (after finding it in the almost-hidden tutorials) makes the Sack Thing cling to any surface on which it is applied. Media Molecule peppers it within the levels to not only to change walls into floors, but to also show some fundamentals on how to use it for the optimistic creators among us.

It looks like Kermit ate a Sackboy.

Attract-O-Gel works fantastically in the single player because it gives a new way to play, but seeing what people have done online is the true potential. I played a level that honestly looked like it was made by some of Media Molecule’s finest and it used the new gel in some pretty interesting ways. The possibilities of those smarter than me make it easy to appreciate the flexibility of the tools the developers include.

Stickers, decorations, a costume, and some new materials also come standard within this pack, just adding icing on the cake and more stuff to the nearly endless list of items. This Muppets Premium Level Pack comes in at six dollars, making it pretty cheap for those who want a scoop on the latest in the world of LittleBigPlanet. Want new levels? Want a kick-ass new tool? Do you yearn for some new decorations? If you are nodding your head in approval to any of those questions, this is worth the small entry fee to you.

+More creative LittleBigPlanet 2 levels
+Muppets match the LBP vibe
+New items are good additions to toolset
-A little confusing of how to obtain the new items

Note: No scores are given to DLC packs.

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