Friday News Recap: 3/3 – 3/9

A consistently good week with some quality stories. Enjoy!
Missed last week’s recap? Here you go.

Story of the Week
Deadly Premonition Coming to American PS3s

I’ve been a patient soul. Being desperately teased with the “Maybe?” responses to getting Deadly Premonition on this side of the world, it has finally been confirmed. The formally-exclusive Xbox 360 title (only in the United States) will be hitting Sony’s console as a remaster sometime (hopefully) this year.
As an avid fan of the quirkiness of this game, I can’t wait to finally play it and cherish its odd nature (and curse its abysmal controls). I have a feeling no one cares about this, but this is great news for me as I have been waiting for this for almost exactly two years.

Valve is Not Making Their Own Console

Rumors were circulating that the famed developers of the Portal games were behind some sort of new hardware for your TV. Think of it as Steam for your living room. Well, maybe you shouldn’t think of it at all since Valve has essentially debunked such rumors. This is too bad because it sounded like a great idea.

On-disc DLC for Street Fighter X Tekken

Excuse my language, but Capcom has got some motherfucking nerve. I wrote this a few months ago because of some shenanigans they were pulling and it looks like they are at it again. SFXT was released this week and some user on YouTube has found the intros for all of the of the characters on the disc. That means the characters are there somewhere, hidden behind some code. Probably a $5 unlock code. I’m sick of companies trying to nickel and dime in the cheapest, most bastardizing ways to their customers. This makes me just fucking sick.

Previously, before I published this, I had a paragraph here giving some hope and benefit of the doubt to Capcom. I deleted it, since they’ve come out and confirmed what we were fearing. Their reason is for “compatibility.” Wow. Really? That’s the best you could do? This is fucking astonishingly bad. Mortal Kombat may have stumbled along the way, but they handled it pretty well. They sent out free costumes with the downloadable characters within them. A sort of Trojan horse, if you will. There were some missteps, especially on the Xbox 360, but things eventually got sorted out. Rather than learn from NetherRealm’s mistakes, they chose to make it worse by holding content back, only to try to ask for money for it later.
I would urge everyone not to support this kind of crap and to vote with their dollars. Don’t buy the unlock code disguised as DLC. Hell, I’d urge you not even to buy the game or anything Capcom puts out. If anything, buy it used or just rent it. Capcom just doesn’t get it.

Assassin’s Creed III Reveal Trailer

While not the best trailer for the series, I still enjoyed it and I’m incredibly amped to see more.
Also… Co-op?
XBLA outed a possible extra mode in Assassin’s Creed III in the form of cooperative multiplayer. Far from being confirmed, but this sounds interesting and maybe it’ll actually work out and become fact. Competitive multiplayer is a blast, so this has potential.

More Batman: Arkham City DLC Incoming

A good interviewer will get good facts. In an interview held by Gametrailer’s own Geoff Keighley, details were squeezed out of the game’s director Sefton Hill. He states that “announcements on DLC are coming,” which has me appropriately excited. I played the crap out of Batman: Arkham City and would love to go back. What is the DLC? Well, we don’t know, but I trust Rocksteady and I will probably buy it no matter what.

Heavy Rain Developer Releases Impressive New Tech Demo

Hey Quantic Dream, whatcha been working on? Well, they won’t tell us. While they are definitely working on their next game, this tech demo for “Kara” is the only thing we’ve been shown. Sadly, this is not their next game. However, it is still a fantastic video, one everybody should watch. If only it was their next game. It looks like it could truly be something special.

What did you think of this week’s stories? Did I miss anything important? Feel free to tell me in the comments below!

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