Friday News Recap: 3/10 – 3/16

What started out as a slow week ended up being pretty great by the end.
Missed last week’s recap? Fret not, here it is.

Story of the Week

Giant Bomb is Purchased by GameSpot, Gerstmann’s Termination Finally Detailed

I don’t mean to shake your very foundation, but ConsoleHQ isn’t the only gaming site out there that we go to. Kevin and I are actually big fans of the kind folks over there at Giant Bomb (you should totally check out their awesome work). We’ve been with site since its inception and we are both still thrilled with the content they push out because of its quality and goofiness. Actually, we’ve even been following the editors since their old job… at GameSpot.

That’s where it gets crazy.

Jeff Gerstmann, Giant Bomb’s founder, was fired for an unknown reason from GameSpot. This subsequently led to a large number of the staff leaving, with some even going over to Jeff’s new unannounced project (which morphed into Giant Bomb).
I remember coming home exhausted from soccer practice that day and being blown away by the news. I couldn’t believe it. Rumors spread around pinning the blame on the Kane & Lynch review, of which Jeff gave a 6/10. He didn’t care for the game (because it was shit) and GameSpot seemingly folded because the ad space currently being held on the site. Despite being honest, Jeff was fired. At least, that was the rumor at the time.

Now the truth is finally out. I never imagined that the story would ever come out. This is truly some VH1 “Behind the Music” stuff right here.

Turns out the rumors were pretty true. That Kane & Lynch review catapulted his termination, with his superiors deeming him “untrustworthy” because of all the ad money being pulled. It is so liberating to finally know, and now knowing this, we can all focus on to the great things to come in the future from this partnership.

Double Fine is Rolling in Your Money

Starting a new trend, Double Fine has raised $3,335,265 in the span of a month and change with Kick Starter. Their next game will seem to be splendidly funded as will the video that will accompany it. I’ve always liked Double Fine and this is great news for them and their well-liked company.

Mass Effect 3‘s Ending is Lighting the Internet Ablaze

I have not beat Mass Effect 3 yet, but it’s been sitting there unplayed due to my schedule. Whether I’ll like the ending or not is something I’ll have to wait and see, but some people who have completed it aren’t happy at all with outcome. It is apparently “so horrid” that they raised $32,000 to try to make Bioware change it.
First of all, it is okay to not like the ending. Plenty of endings rub me the wrong way and that’s completely fine. However, it is not okay to beg, whine, and demand a new ending. If you don’t like it, move on. Having a sense of entitlement (I do hate using that term, but it works here) over the ending just seems ludicrous and immature. On-disc DLC is something to get up in arms about, not this kind of stuff.

Ninja Gaiden 3 Will Have More Weapons

When I first heard that Ninja Gaiden 3 had only one weapon, I nearly canceled my pre-order. The vast weapon selection was a large reason of why I loved the series so much, so I was crushed when I heard the news. While my hopes aren’t high for this game, Famitsu revealed that the scythe and claws will be added via DLC after the game’s launch. This has me back on board (a little anyway) and I’ll look forward to some more variety.

Ratchet & Clank HD Collection Confirmed for Fall 2012

We all knew it was coming eventually, it was only a matter of when. Well that “when” has finally been confirmed. Insomniac’s CEO Ted Price came out and confirmed the title’s existence and said it will be hitting stores by fall in North America. Up Your Arsenal‘s online multiplayer modes are even being included, a surprising addition. Of course, they’ll all run at 1080p, 60 frames per second, and all have Platinum Trophies.
These HD Collections always hit the sweet spot for me, and I can’t wait to play these games that were so important in my childhood again.

Canned Mass Effect First-Person Shooter Revealed

In Geoff Keighley’s behind-the-scenes app for the iPad about Mass Effect, a game from that series was shown that never actually came to fruition. Initially dubbed Mass Effect Team Assault, this game was a multiplayer focused shooter that was targeted to play like Battlefield 1943 and Unreal Tournament and also show the galaxy at war. Does that sound familiar? A little bit, since it was an inspiration for the co-op mode found in Mass Effect 3.
It does seem like whoring a little bit, so I’m glad that they realized they could throw something like this into Mass Effect 3 instead of making a whole other game. Sometimes I fear that companies try to stretch their franchises over everything, risking fatigue.

Like any of the stories? Did I miss any? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!

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