YouTube: Problems

UPDATE: The problem has been fixed and almost all of the videos have been uploaded.
One of the greatest features of the site is video content. We are always happy to provide commentary over our gameplay for your enjoyment, but recently we have run into some problems.

First, we had to re-record all of our What is videos that were shot last week due to a technical difficulty that resulted in no commentary.

Secondly, the computer that I use to edit these videos is acting up. I have no idea what is wrong with it and the encoding process has mysteriously tripled in time.

Finally, I cannot upload any completed videos to YouTube. Again, I cannot figure out why, it just keeps happening.

As much as we would like to bring you all of these videos, we are currently stuck with no hope whatsoever. We hope that we can bring you this content shorty as we have a ton of it, in fact, I will tell you what we have in store:

What is

Mass Effect 3 Single-Player/ Multiplayer

Syndicate Single-Player/Multiplayer

Street Fighter X Tekken

Soul Calibur V


Let’s Play

Catherine Day 6

We hope you understand as we try and fix all of these problems shortly, for now revisit our YouTube page for all our previous content and catch up on our Let’s Play or What is videos.

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