Friday News Recap: 3/30 – 4/6

This week could have been better in the news department, but what is here is okay.
Time travel to the past and read last week’s recap right here!

Story of the Week
BioWare Announces Mass Effect 3 “Extended Cut” DLC for Ending

Mass Effect 3‘s ending was rather controversial when it blew up almost a month ago, and BioWare, for better or worse, is listening to these outcries. This piece of free DLC that is set to this summer will try to personalize the endings for each player and add a bit more context to some of the actions. I can see why some people might want that, and I guess I wouldn’t mind it either, but there are some rather large plot holes near the end that I’d like to see explained. Of course, I’m not demanding any of this. They really didn’t have to do any of this, but their concern is appreciated.
I thought the drama on both sides was a little too much. I knew they wouldn’t change the ending; I just figured they’d add onto it to clear the abruptness. The “damage” has already been done, but I’d like to see how this DLC turns out. Hopefully it didn’t delay any actual premium DLC. Here’s hoping.

Speaking of Mass Effect 3 DLC… Free Multiplayer Pack Detailed
Do you want more Mass Effect 3 multiplayer like me? Would you like it for free? BioWare is doing just that by adding some new maps, weapons, characters, and consumables next week for the glorious price of zero dollars. They might be trying to win people over, but I’d like to think they are just doing this out of their goodwill.

Batman: Arkham City DLC Partially Revealed

When I reported on this last time, all I had to go off of was just that it was coming. Now, we have slipped details. According to the trophy list that was sneakily updated, it looks to be some sort of DLC that pits Robin against Harley Quinn. It actually looks to be a small campaign within Arkham City, rather than challenge maps. I’ll continue to support this amazing game, so this DLC will be an easy buy for me.

New Castlevania Game Inbound?

A conspicuous tweet surfaced recently from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow‘s producer. Vaguely mentioning Dracula, it seems to hint at a new Castlevania game in development. I liked Lords of Shadow, so I’d fancy seeing a sequel. It seems legit and I hope to hear more soon.\

EA is Voted “Worst Company In America”

EA “won” this prestigious award in a poll done by the website Consumerist. EA doesn’t have the best reputation among gamers because closed studios, the online passes, and Origin, but I think it is rather childish to say they are the worst company in America. Some of those banks committed fraud and other way more naughty acts and some people chose EA because of some first-world problems? Man, I wish some people would grow up.

Any comments on the stories? Any cool stories I missed? Let me know in the comments below! Feedback is always appreciated! As always, have a great weekend!

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