Friday News Recap: 4/14 – 4/20

I don’t know if you readers have noticed it, but the weeks always seem to be news-heavy in the last few days.
Last week had an abundance of great news, why don’t you check it out?

Story of the Week
God of War: Ascension Uncovered for the PS3

After a not-so-subtle tease, a new God of War game is set to hit PS3 systems sometime within the next year. I know, I’m very excited too.
Not much has been revealed, but from what the trailer hints at, it will be a prequel set before the original God of War (my favorite game of all time). Prequels naturally have a tougher time due to the fact that we know what happens because of events in later games. Because of this, the immediate story has to be pretty strong.
It’s easily my most anticipated game from here on out, but it does warrant a little bit of worry from me. Even though it is my favorite series, I would not have minded moving on and seeing a spiritual successor. Also, I honestly don’t know how they can top themselves after God of War III. SCEA Santa Monica is a team of geniuses and I am hopeful, I’m just a little concerned.
Also, it follows the tradition of changing directors, as Todd Papy is now taking that role. He’s got big shoes to fill, but he has done a fantastic job in the other titles. If you are like me, you’ll be clamoring for April 30th where they are going to show some of the actual game.

Darksiders II Delayed

Well, you know what they say: “A delayed game is only bad for a little bit, while a bad game is bad forever.” It’s something like that anyway. That saying always makes delays understandable and completely okay in my book. Darksiders II has been moved from June 26th to some unspecified time in August. It would have been the perfect summer game, but I guess we’ll have to wait a little longer so.

Halo 4 Release Date Revealed

The Xbox 360’s biggest exclusive in 2012 finally has a release date nailed down (although given the previous story, it might not be so set in stone). Halo 4 will light up the charts on November 6th. Not to foreshadow another news story, but I have a feeling the next Call of Duty will deploy the next week, making November a crowded month yet again. I wonder how most gamers will split their first-person shooter spending money.

Call of Duty Info Hitting May 2nd?

Speaking of Call of Duty, someone shot a blurry picture of something seemingly Call of Duty related. May 2nd is the day (assuming this is true) we will debriefed about the next Call of Duty title coming from Treyarch. I would pin this one on being true just on the fact that we see one entry every year and it is about time for a reveal. Haters will hate for multiple reasons, but let’s see how many shits Activision gives.

Prey 2 Not Canned, but Delayed

Prey 2 has a pulse! Rumors were swirling around that the ambitious title had been canned, but Bethesda has just come and said it will be delayed infinitely instead. This doesn’t bode well for the game, but at least they recognize that it needed help. At least it isn’t canceled.

As always, let me know what you think!

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