Friday News Recap: 4/21 – 4/27

Not a bad week this week.
Last week wasn’t too bad, but here it is if you want to check it out.

Is Rayman Origins Getting a Sequel? Goodness, I Hope So

I surely didn’t think this would happen. Then again, Rayman Origins (a game you should buy) was actually profitable. According to some leaked survey, a new adventure is on the way, complete with drop-in and drop-out co-op and (of course) new levels and worlds (Greek gods and castles?). This isn’t confirmed, but I think it seems pretty likely. Chalk this up on your radar.

Portal 2 UGC DLC Incoming… For PC (and Yields a Hilarious Trailer)

I was just thinking of this promised content last week. Talk about a coincidence. Valve has come forward and said they are releasing some free DLC that will allow players to make, rate, and download maps that other people have made on May 8th. That all sounds brilliant… except for one small exclusion. Both PS3 and Xbox 360 will not be receiving this content which is really disappointing. PC players will love it and us console owners will just have wait and see if it ever comes to our side of the fence. Check out the trailer below (you totally should).


Silent Hill HD Collection and Silent Hill: Downpour Getting Patched

I played some Silent Hill 2 HD and completed Silent Hill 3 HD over this past week. Besides both being creepy, they both had one thing in common: they were both technical atrocities. Read my Silent Hill 3 HD review for more, but it made that game significantly worse and disappointing. While I won’t get to Silent Hill: Downpour for at least another week, Konami has issued a statement saying it will fix framerate in both, an auto-save glitch in Downpour, and the lip-synching issues in the HD Collection. This is great news, but I am very skeptical of how much it will actually fix. I downloaded a 287 megabyte patch for the HD Collection upon insertion and I didn’t notice any dramatic fixes because everything was still busted. Fingers crossed, because I’d love to own a function copy of Silent Hill 3.

Adam Sessler Moves on from G4

One of my biggest inspirations is moving on from his current position at G4. Adam Sessler has been with the company for years and has not only become a face of his show, but a face in the gaming industry as a whole. He displays an immense amount of intelligence, humility, professionalism, and a different sense of humor that most people can learn from. Good luck to him in future endeavors which include starring a movie and helping out movie adaptations of video games.

Batman Wants to Show You His Accolades in this GOTY Edition… and DLC Release Date Confirmed

Well, I did give it my personal Game of they Year so this makes sense. As with most games, all the DLC is being bundled in one package that will release May 29th. The extra maps, new skins, Robin, Catwoman, Nightwing, and Harley’s Revenge will all be included in this package along with a download code for Batman Year One. At a glance, it looks like the game is called “10 Out of 10.”

Speaking of Batman, DLC has Finally Been Dated

Paired with this announcement came the release date for the DLC. Named Harley’s Revenge, it will pit both Batman and Robin against Harley Quinn in her evil mysterious plans within Arkham City. It will be hitting next week, whenever your download platform of choice updates. You should know how stoked I am.

Shinji Mikami Shares Concept of His Next Game, You Should be Excited

Shinji Mikami has had his hand in a bunch of fantastic games (Vanquish, Resident Evil 4, Shadows of the Damned, Devil May Cry) so his new one should probably have your attention. Dubbed Project Zwei, Bethesda says it is “the realization of *pure* survival horror.” Coming straight off Silent Hill 3 HD, I’m fiending for some scares and the fact that one of the smartest game makers is behind it can mean this could be truly special. Bethesda states it will hit sometime in 2013.

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Finally Unveiled and Hitting in 2012

The Sony Super Smash Brothers has been revealed at last. If you are familiar at all with Super Smash Brothers, you’ll know what this at least looks like; a four-player arena brawler. Sony has built an impressive roster of people and the team over at Super Bot says fan favorites will definitely be in there (along with some teased third party support). Radec from Killzone 2, Kratos, Parappa, the Fat Princess, Sly Cooper, and Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal were all revealed as playable fighters. Environments also will be blending games such as the Hydra from God of War 1 were seen chewing on Captain Qwark along with the Patapons waging war on Hades. Little touches like the LittleBigPlanet level slowly building around you and the Buzz level having live trivia were creative ways to blend the licenses into the fighting. I’m not really into this type of game, but I have to admit that this title looks promising. Look for it later this year only on PS3.

You know the drill; let me know your thoughts!

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