Platinum Hunt: Prototype 2

Yes, Prototype 2 is good stupid fun but how about the elusive platinum trophy? Open world games usually have an absurd checklist for these digital goodies and they can come few and far between (Grand Theft Auto IV…). However, despite this, Prototype 2 had a great set of trophies that added to the game and showed off its great movement abilities.

Besides the trophies tied to the story, these awards should be commended because of how they add to the game. The movement was the best part of the entire title and the trophies encouraged it. Finding all of the many collectibles was not only easy (they are on the map), but getting there was fun part. In-game rewards like more powers and experience were also tied to them, meaning I probably would have gotten them anyway.

Since one of them requires you to hit the max level, a New Game+ is unlocked. A game like this thrives in this mode because everything gets decimated with any minor attack, making you feel like an unstoppable badass. This is essentially a superhero game about a power fantasy, so having the ability to destroy everything without breaking a sweat made the game a bit more fun. Challenge isn’t something I want in a game like this.

Uh… a weird looking triangle? Sure…

If you are a collection whore, you will probably get this one by accident as it is very hard to miss. Prototype 2 is one of those rare games where getting 100% actually adds to the game in a positive, meaningful way. Prototype 2 is not only leaps and bounds better than its predecessor, but it has a way better list as well.

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