Platinum Hunt: Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy HD

High definition remasters almost always find themselves on two polar opposites sides of the fence when it comes to trophies or achievements: they are either handed out like candy or ridiculously tedious. Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy HD is heavily stationed within the first camp, as I didn’t even try to knock out this platinum trophy.

Back in my youth when I had almost limitless free time and fewer games, I replayed almost every game in my tiny collection ad nasueum. Jak & Daxter wasn’t exempt from that, but being a platformer meant I had a lot of trinkets to collect and find. That mentality never faded (which is basically why this feature exists!) so I have to find everything to be satisfied even if I’ve already done it many times before.

When I saw the complete list, I almost laughed. It posed no challenge! Completing the game and finding the collectibles would pop the platinum without much effort and that’s exactly what happened. Similar to Sly Cooper, anyone who enjoys collectibles in great games will have an easy time hitting 100%. Trophy whores will inevitably flock to this title, but at least they get a fantastic game out of it.

An egg!

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