Platinum Hunt: Lollipop Chainsaw

Trophies and achievements can often feel so distant from the main game. It doesn’t negate their “worth” (that alone is very subjective) but I’d like to see more games have their reward systems interlaced with the actual systems in play. Lollipop Chainsaw was one of those games that did a good job of making a list that fed into the game and ensured some necessary staying power.

Lollipop Chainsaw was a reasonably short game, there’s no escaping that, but the score based nature made it stick around longer than I would have initially thought. Beating the game multiple times with better attacks made for score chasing that I don’t usually go for, and the trophies encouraged that. Beating Dad’s score was a challenge, but it was at the old school heart of the game that Lollipop flaunts.

I kept going back to it, beating the game almost four or five times, and that made me realize how much the trophies encouraged what the game was going for: replayable score chases. It almost exuded an arcade feeling that was refreshing in this era.

Of course, there were collectibles and level-exclusive rewards that rounded out the list, hitting all the usual bullet points. A simple guide will put you on track for the missing collectible lollipops and the seamless New Game+ ensures that your progress rolls right over. Despite the hefty checklist of things to do, I never felt like the game was being tedious and working against me. For example, the aforementioned lollipops are numbered, making it easy to pinpoint which ones you need to seek out.

Not only did I enjoy Lollipop Chainsaw more than I thought I would, but I actually found the grindy platinum trophy to be fun to get as well. Some people may not like the time needed to 100% this title, but I found it to be a great way to keep a short game around for much longer.

Well, that’s not suggestive at all.

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