Platinum Hunt: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD

Most of these articles consist of just one completion and the difficulty or trials associated with it. Metal Gear Solid 3 HD doesn’t quite fit this mold, mostly because it contained two parts. Yes, call me stupid or careless with my money, but I bought both the PS3 and Vita versions (and a PS2 version years ago) of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. It actually might not be as stupid as you think, because of how these versions talk to each other, trophies and all.

Call me consistent, but both times I started the HD Collections I initially began with my favorite one, Metal Gear Solid 3. I began fresh back in November with the PS3 version. I had already gotten a lot of the ranks and special items back on the PS2, but I didn’t want to have this playthrough interrupted by continued guide usage for all the Kerotan frogs and other special items. A classic such as this deserves a few playthroughs so why stress over it this time in a new, high definition setting?

Beating the game and getting most of the trophies came natural, but I had missed some camo, face paints, and all the Kerotan frogs. I just didn’t want to go back in just for that, so I put it off in favor of new games.

This is where the Vita version comes in. I’m pretty much a sucker for rebuying HD games on different platforms, so it didn’t take much convincing to rebuy it on the Vita. Prior to the game coming out, we had only heard about transfarring but we weren’t informed that the trophies would transfer over. This was the perfect opportunity to get those damned frogs and scrape up the last few face paints.

Redoing everything on the Vita wasn’t difficult, but finding the frogs took some time. Missing just one would be soul crushing, so I triple checked all of them no matter where they were hidden. A trophy hunter’s best strategy is just to load up YouTube, an invaluable source for finding the Kerotan frogs.

Finding other animals, items, boss camos, and other small things might be difficult to new players, but any veterans will know what to do with little guide help. Using a checklist for safety is recommended, and once I did that and finished the game, I awaited my platinum to pop on the Vita.

I just so happened to get a screen capture of it popping.

It took some tedious work, but it was a satisfying platinum to get. Achieving such a feat in a game that you hold dear seemingly has that satisfaction built in.


Now it was all a cake walk from here. All the work I’d done in the Vita version would transfar and I’d have another platinum for the price of one. The next morning, I rolled out of bed, did some transfarring and presto; I had another platinum on the PS3 version. Like some damn magic.

Salute… again!

If more developers do this, I see this as an easier way to get money and encourage double sales. I won’t do this for a lot of games, but for a Metal Gear title, I’m more than willing.

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