Platinum Hunt: The Amazing Spider-Man

Spider-Man has fully transplanted back into the open world setting and that usually means one thing regarding the trophies and achievements: collect-o-thons! Grand Theft Auto IV was that way. It was such an amazing game but it had a terrible way to track all of the meaningless collectibles and it will always stick in my head because of it. Times are different now and games are better for it. The Amazing Spider-Man learns from past mistakes, making the coveted 100% a little easier on the user.

First and foremost, there is a lot to collect. Brace yourselves because there are seven hundred comic book pages scattered throughout Manhattan. A number such as that would sound like a huge pain, but out of all the collectibles in the game, these were my favorite. Not only did they actually materialize into readable comics in the main menu, but it was a great thing to keep focused on while swinging. While not as addicting as the blast shards in inFamous, there were plenty of times where I would just swing, waiting for the prompt to pop up to jet right to a floating comic book page.

Other collectibles are quite lame. They sparkle and emit a faint noise so they are easier to spot, but they are just plain tedious and don’t add anything of value to the game. Experience is tied to them, but I just would like to see these become extinct in the realm of games. No one likes trophy and achievement padding.

Not so imaginative but it gets the point across.

As for the rest of the list, it was all pretty standard: beat the game on Hard, do this X amount of times, and so on. Tackling the side missions made them stand out for the worst because it emphasized how poorly they were thrown together. Almost no thought went into these cheap tasks and having to do basically the same one over and over again made it obvious. The side missions were already mindless and I didn’t want to keep repeating them.

All of that said, The Amazing Spider-Man shouldn’t take too long to get everything (thanks YouTube) and it is good enough as a game to see through. If anything, a rental and the urge to complete everything will show you what you want to see and make you proud you didn’t actually dump $60 on this game. Sounds harsh, but it is true.

3 thoughts on “Platinum Hunt: The Amazing Spider-Man

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