Platinum Hunt: Spec Ops: The Line

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Difficulty: 5/10

I found a few things surprising about Spec Ops: The Line. One being how damn good the game was and the other being how doable the platinum trophy was. I usually just ignore shooters for trophy hunting because the online play usually tosses in a few that I’ll never obtain but Spec Ops had a list that was almost perfectly balanced.

Contrary to other games, the collectibles were actually easy to find and contributed to the story in a meaningful way. Glowing collectibles, a good tracker, and not having a bunch of them to track down helped make these trinkets fun to find. Listening to the backstory was also an added benefit of seeking these out, something most games don’t effectively do.

Tracking collectibles is helpful and this extends to the game’s many accomplishment trophies. I got most of them by the end of my first playthrough, but it was nice seeing a progress bar throughout. It isn’t obtrusive, just a good, friendly reminder of how close you are to your goal.

Although, you will have to beat this game at least twice to get 100%. I hope you didn’t read that negatively, because that was not the intent. As with most games with decisions, trophies are usually associated with each choice. Most choices aren’t inherently good or bad, dabbling in the gray area, so I didn’t feel like I was cheating by choosing the other side. Trophies or not, seeing the other situations I was locked out of earlier was something I wanted to do. The endings are the same way. I was going to see them all anyway, but trophies would encourage people who aren’t as prone to experiment.

However, playing on FUBAR is no joke. I didn’t actively hate it, in fact I kept coming back, but it showed me how bad the checkpoints really were. I read many loading screens, that’s for sure. Patience is the key to survival and some people may not have that trait to get through. FUBAR was a good challenge akin to Uncharted on Crushing, but I don’t think that’ll be my default difficulty next time through.

Looks like a classroom, but with more blood.

Spec Ops: The Line is one of those few games where the trophy list encourages you to see everything in the campaign and there aren’t any online trophies to buffer the list. I found the content so compelling that I didn’t need another reason, but I won’t complain about another platinum trophy. I’m hoping some people will acknowledge this easy list, pick it up, then become engrossed in the game’s surprising quality.

4 thoughts on “Platinum Hunt: Spec Ops: The Line

  1. somehow, for a uni student (we call it university over here) and a person who works, either u dont sleep or have a LOT more time than i. but then again u are a better gamer than i

    • I know how to manage my time when I game and I game efficiently.
      I’ve actually been gaming significantly less this summer.

  2. Do you guys need any more video game reviewers or journalist. I’d be willing to help. Also do you have any PSABR Beta codes available.

    • No, we don’t need reviewers at the moment. I’ve been busy lately, but I hope to get back into the swing of writing soon.
      I don’t have any more beta codes, sorry.

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