Platinum Hunt: Sound Shapes

Recommended guide: None needed
Difficulty: 5/10

Metal Gear Solid has been influential to gaming as a whole, but it has started a new trend of as late. Metal Gear Solid 3 HD was my first dual platinum trophy, earning it on the Vita then transferring it to my PS3 for another platinum. Sound Shapes has followed suit, being Sony’s first endeavor into such a frontier. I have to say, I like this new trophy earning method.

But I didn’t much care for the trophies in Sound Shapes. Completing the campaign earns you one gold trophy. The rest of the list lies within Beat School and Death Mode. Beat School is a mode tasking you with making sample beats by ear with the notes given. Each beat can easily be solved within a few minutes and allows music newbies to see a template for crafting beats.

Death Mode is the complete opposite. In my review, I basically stated that this mode was the lone blemish, upping the frustration and bringing down the game as a whole. Trudging through these devilish levels was a nightmare, as swearing and rage quitting became a part of the Death Mode experience. Strategy got thrown out the window in favor of luck, something I don’t have much of despite looking like a leprechaun.

Then, after much disarray, the platinum popped. I was relieved that I never had to go through the struggle of Death Mode, leaving me to appreciate the intricacies of the campaign and user-generated levels. This Harvey Dent-like list could have used more variety, but determined players ready to add another platinum to the digital cabinet will see the frustration through. Two platinums is definitely better than one.

Aw… how cute. I mean cool. Cool. Manly.

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