Platinum Hunt: Rayman Origins

Difficulty: 5/10
Recommended guide:, Relic Guide

Platformers get some reasonable amount of flak for being collect-a-thons. For achievement hunters and trophy whores, that phrase by itself can send chills because of the workload required to find every last doodad to grab that last bing or bleep bloop of satisfaction. Rayman Origins is a platformer with plenty of things to grab, but this means you get to play more Rayman and that is always a good sign.

From the skull teeth, hidden containers, relics, and time trials, checking off items on the list never devolved into feeling like a chore. Most games would tire after even half of the many things on the to-do list, but it all revolves around Rayman being an utter joy to experience. Whistling the tunes never grew tiresome, even after many misguided attempts to achieve the speediest of the medals. Finding everything gives incentive to experiencing everything the game has to offer (and remember, there’s a lot of stuff here) and polishing off a Platinum Trophy or adding a full 1000 Gamerscore isn’t a bad way to show that off.

She’s probably a future Suicide Girl.

Other than the mass of trinkets and related Trophies/achievements, filling out the rest of the list isn’t too strenuous. In fact, you’ll run across some of them naturally. Getting all the skull teeth and beating the hellish level reminiscent of Super Meat Boy will also prove to be healthy challenges if you have the persistence… and patience.


While it took a long time and was a little frustrating at times, getting 100% in Rayman Origins was an utter blast. The list isn’t much different from the PS3 version, one I’ve sunk plenty of hours in over a rental, and I’m honestly considering the elusive (and satisfying) double Platinum. It won’t be an easy transfer like Sound Shapes or Metal Gear Solid 3, so I’ll have to do the heavy lifting all over again. Oddly, that isn’t a problem at all.

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