Platinum Hunt: Ratchet & Clank HD

Difficulty: 4/10
Recommended guide:

Before there were a such things as Trophies or achievements, I’d go out of my way completing almost every game I owned. Ratchet & Clank was a shining example of this. Every last skill point, weapon, and gold bolt would fall into my collection and gave me a completionist sense of satisfaction. But back then, there wasn’t a system in place for accruing such rewards. Now that Trophies have been added, it integrates into a system I already know and that same completionist attitude has come forth again.

In a sense, I’ve already gotten the Platinum trophy in Ratchet & Clank, so getting it again wasn’t too big of an issue. I remembered most of the skill points without any sort of guide and found almost every gold bolt without use of the Map-O-Matic. Newcomers won’t find these too hard to accomplish either, but since they are hidden on the first playthrough, you may need to grab a guide if you don’t want to wait.

That said, most people will run through this list just by wanting to find everything. Every collectible factors into some sort of in-game unlockable or weapon, so if you plan on seeing everything, you’ll run into almost every Trophy regardless. It’s odd but amusing that a game that came out a decade ago does in-game rewards better than most games of today.

This… isn’t right.

There is one trophy that is out of place: getting a million bolts. Anyone who has played this game knows that is a ton of cash, so it is almost impossible to get without finding a glitch in the system. I had the O button taped down for about twelve hours on planet Rilgar to get this one because running through the game about five more times wasn’t something I had the time for. For reference, this is the tenth time I’ve played this game.

Besides that minor bump and the fact that the Platinum Trophy is from the dreaded All 4 One, I actually had a great time getting a full 100% in this game. The Ratchet games always strike a nerve to where I can’t sit still unless I grab everything. Although it is a collection of worthless digital hardware, there’s now at least something else I have besides personal pride.

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