Friday News Recap: 10/13 – 10/19

You could have lived under a rock for the entirety of this week and not missed anything.

Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut for PS3 Detailed and Vaguely Dated

2010’s best worst game, Deadly Premonition, is finally coming to stateside PS3 systems soon (Q1 2013). This version will include more missions and a better control scheme which, looking at how crappy the core controls were, shouldn’t be hard. Move support was promised a few months ago when this was first unveiled, but it wasn’t mentioned in the press release.

Even though I watched the Endurance Run over at Giant Bomb, I’m still anxious to get my hands on this incredibly stupid game. It reminds me of Lollipop Chainsaw because of the stupidity and ridiculousness. I guess I won’t have to wait much longer.

Sleeping Dogs DLC Gets All Spooky for the Holidays

Ripping a page out of Red Dead Redemption‘s and inFamous‘ DLC plan, Sleeping Dogs has some Halloween inspired DLC coming to match the trick or treating spirit. Named “Nightmare in Northpoint,” this piece of content will take players through a spooky Hong Kong, complete with zombies and presumably other monsters centered around Halloween.

Zombies are vastly overplayed, but I will concede and allow companies to do this every year. Going outside of the realm of the game’s reality seems to benefit the title and give it a different feel despite the undead being such a tasteless throwaway. It worked wonders for Red Dead Redemption (one of the best DLC packages ever) and was pretty good for inFamous.

Bioshock Infinite Collector’s Edition Unveiled

Do you want to throw even more money at Irrational Games? This may be your opportunity. Bioshock Infinite has two special editions that you can purchase if you’re feeling frisky.

Premium Edition($79.99)
A 64-page mini edition of Dark Horse Comics’ The Art of BioShock Infinite
Digital soundtrack
DLC: Three exclusive Gear power-ups: Bull Rush (makes sprinting melee strikes more effective), Extra! Extra! (audio logs grant extra in-game money), and Betrayer (possessed enemies that you kill explode in a deadly fireball)
Console Exclusives: Xbox 360 users get Booker and Elizabeth avatar costumes. PC and PS3 players get BioShock Infinite themes
A 5″ x 7″ Lithograph print of Columbia propoganda
Handyman Figurine: A 25mm resin-cast figurine for use in the BioShock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia board game
Murder of Crows 3″ Keychain
A copy of the game

Ultimate Songbird Edition ($149.99)
All of the contents of the Premium Edition
Songbird Statue: This resin-cast statue is 9.75″ tall and comes with its own box

Come February 26th, I’ll buy the regular, I-just-want-the-game edition, but I guess it is quite a package for people who like… stuff.

Rough Week for Nihilistic, Lionhead, and Lightbox

Better pour one out for these three development studios as all three were hit with hardships this week. Lionhead, the studio behind the Fable games, has been hit with layoffs, as has Lightbox, developers of Starhawk. Nihilistic, the people behind the critically-panned Vita title Resistance: Burning Skies and the upcoming Call of Duty: Declassified for the Vita, have announced that they are moving past boxed products and into downloadble and mobile areas. This really doesn’t bode well for Call of Duty: Declassified if they are already moving on before the game has even shipped, but they seem to be fine. They’ve stated that they won’t be having layoffs and will only be changing their name to nStigate.

Lionhead claims that these layoffs are part of the natural cycle, but Lightbox seems to have been hit harder. Sony will no longer be working with them in addition to this, forcing the studio to move to the iOS platform. However, studio president Dylan Jobe, who seems to be a wonderful man in every interview I’ve seen, is allowing those laid off to prepare by grabbing their portfolios of work so that they can “land on their feet” along with a severance package.

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