Platinum Hunt: Borderlands

Difficulty: 3/10
Recommended guide:

In a game about hunting vaults, it’s only right to go after the treasure myself. Chasing down the Platinum trophy in Borderlands felt right and, after seeing the list, was made quite possible due to its ease. I’m not alone either. Borderlands is in the top ten list of most Platinumed games on the PS3. Judging by the game’s quality and relatively achievable list, this isn’t exactly a surprise.

If you like doing all of the stuff, you’ll be getting trophy dings left and right. Doing all the missions and just playing the game will net you more than a fair share of these rewards. Hitting certain level thresholds, selling items, gathering weapons, and the like will come to your naturally so stop panicking over there. Seriously. Keep yourself in check.

Upside down Pac-Man?

Some won’t come naturally, but, as long as you have a couple controllers or a co-op partner, you’ll be in the clear. I’m not one to tell you how to live your life, but co-op is the way to go anyway. Besides that, the Mario related trophy for murdering an enemy by jumping is definitely thoughtful and is probably my favorite on the list.

If we lived in a world without trophies or achievements, I bet most players would have unknowingly achieved 100% without even trying to. Playing Borderlands almost became about the meta-level gaming of doing everything, something good achievements/trophies capitalize on. Borderlands was full of good treasures and loot, including the Platinum trophy. Except what was actually in the vault. Boy, was that stupid.

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