Platinum Hunt: Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Difficulty: 7/10
Recommended guide:

It’s a lot like Nathan Drake to hunt after treasure, so I channeled my inner Drake and hunted down the Platinum trophy for Uncharted: Golden Abyss. This extraordinary Vita title completes my Platinum hunt for this series, it’s just too bad that a few of them are some of the most tedious busywork I’ve had to do for these digital rewards.

The Uncharted series has eerily similar lists and Golden Abyss abides by the franchise’s rules fairly strictly. Killing X amount of dudes with a certain weapon, beating the game on each difficulty, and finding all the treasures nearly completes the list and makes it straightforward for anyone with an Uncharted Platinum.

Golden Abyss took it upon itself to throw the kitchen sink as far as collectibles go. Thankfully, by using a simple guide listed above, they are easy to find and labeled so you can pinpoint what you need and where to find it. I actually enjoyed finding these trinkets, which is odd since they don’t give any real in-game reward. In case you’re wondering, the map on PSN detailing the collectibles isn’t worth the measly dollar. An online guide will do a better job and save you the cash. You’ll be a whole dollar richer and twice as pretty/handsome.

Unlike (insert name here)’s mom, the bounties don’t come easily.

Playing on Crushing is actually easier than past games, but the real stinker in this whole Platinum endeavor is getting bounties. Enemies randomly drop items that you need in order to complete certain lists. How many? Too many.

Legitimately finding all of them yourself would require around five or so playthroughs, but using Near, you can try to get it more quickly. You can “trade” bounties with others, but the whole system is confusing and requires way too many strangers on your PSN list. I had to add multiple people, but only a select few actually updated the list, making this painfully slow process take far too long. I had to grind out the last few because, after multiple weeks of failed trades, I was getting impatient. On paper, this sounds like a reasonably decent idea, but they just put way too many in and made them too rare.

It seems a little conceited to put his face on there, but who am I to say?

Disregarding the bounties mess, chasing the steady trickle of trophies in Uncharted: Golden Abyss kept me coming back a few times. It let me re-experience one of the system’s most impressive titles and added another Platinum to the ever-growing cabinet. I’ve helped Drake get his share of treasure and he has helped me out equally. After four Platinums, I think we’re even.

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