Platinum Hunt: The Walking Dead

WD platinum
Recommended Guide: If you need a guide for this, you might want to see a doctor.
Difficulty: .5/10

It’s straightforward. Just beat the game.

Alright, this game deserves a little bit more of an explanation. No matter what you choose along this twisted path, the digital hardware comes to you no matter what. Even though this is a welcome gesture for most people, it shows how much Telltale thought of their beloved game. If they tied the rewards to choices, it would probably make a good chunk of players make decisions they wouldn’t have normally made.

For example, if they rewarded showing restraint and not shooting a certain someone, I bet most people wouldn’t take the shot, even if that person was a zombie-sympathizing scumbag. And trust me, The Walking Dead has plenty of dirty humans with you deciding their fate. I have the ability to turn this “get everything” sense off, especially in games like this and Heavy Rain, but some people would head down whichever road banked the most ‘cheevos, which would inevitably lead to a guide on how to get the most out of a game like this.

About as plain as you can get.

About as plain as you can get.

Even though I love games with replayability through achievements or trophies, games with narrative choice probably shouldn’t heavily incentivize either way. Not only is it a fantastic game, but players will get an unbiased playthrough with a full 100%. Seems like a win-win.

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