Platinum Hunt: Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

Recommended guide:
Difficulty: 5.5/10

Even though I own both the PS3 and Vita versions of Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, I secretly play the Vita version like it was written in my body’s source code. I barely needed an excuse to start playing and the portability and instant access of the Vita meant I would gravitate to that version over the other. Gathering every trophy wasn’t tedious, but rather a fun experience that helped flesh out the game without getting in the way or requiring stupid requirements.

Beating every character’s campaign will the biggest time sink for most people. It takes quite a long time to run through everyone’s half-hour or so story, but it’s a wise choice to incentivize people to try characters they wouldn’t have tried otherwise. I found quite a liking to Ratchet, Radec, and Sweet Tooth, all of which were fighters I wasn’t picking prior to their campaigns. Doing the level three supers on their respective backgrounds is also deceptively easy, needing only ten minutes in practice mode. It’s an exploit, but one I didn’t feel shameful in doing.

Online trophies seem difficult at first, but skilled players will have them pinging rather fast. Winning a match without dying sounds hard, but with some searching or a good partner, you’re bound to run into chumps who have no idea what they are doing. I believe in you. Or… you can just pick Sly, get a few kills and then go invisible the entire time. It’s your choice. Also, getting a triple kill is also easy, as using the level three super for Toro, Sly, or Heihachi will automatically grab this one for you.

I get it. It's like their ad. HOW CLEVER.

“You’ve only done everything.” I get it. It’s like their ad. HOW CLEVER.

I’m not too keen on going through all the story modes again, but I’m fine with the PS3 trophy list not automatically synching a la Sound Shapes. This means I’ll have to jump into the PS3 version and manually get the Platinum again, a first world problem I can actually welcome. They could have made an incredibly tedious Platinum for rewarding every unlock or hitting the max level, but instead Superbot opted to make a fairly easy 100%, banking on the fact that you’ll want to replay the game because it is fun, not necessarily for its trophies. Ingenious.

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