Wake-Up Club Mini Review


After what seemed like years, the Playstation Vita finally got a killer app. No, not in the terms of an actual game. I’m talking about the idea which sold you on buying a Vita. Wake-Up Club is here and it is far better than you could ever imagine.

Are you tired of the same old alarm clock, providing nothing but an incessant beeping to wake you up from a deep slumber? Do you wish you could rather wake up with other random people? (But not like the one time it actually happened after the party you threw went a little crazy.) Then do not wonder anymore, Wake-Up Club for the Vita has all the answers.

Alarm in the Front, Party in the Back

I can't actually tell time here, I think it's 8:14.

I can’t actually tell time here, I think it’s 8:14.

I really only use Wake-Up Club as an alarm, but the idea behind it is pretty deep. Listen for a minute. “Youwakeupright,butathesametimeyou’retryingtowakeupbeforeeveryoneelsesoyourprofilewillsayyouwakeupreallyfast.” Did you have trouble reading that? It was because I was racing to get the fastest time in Wake-Up Club. The whole idea behind the app is to make a normal part of life somewhat more exciting by added a fun element to it. Getting up in the morning is boring. Being faster at getting up in the morning than your friends with your Vita telling you so, now that’s fun.

Waking On Up

The app is stupid simple fun, and works brilliantly as an alarm. If the volume is at its maximum, you will have no problem hearing it. While some of the scoring still seems off, every other feature works just as you would expect it to. Wake-Up Club has become my go to alarm for waking up, and with 33 straight days of use without me missing an alarm, then I say it is doing one hell of a job.

100% Recommendation.

Should You Buy a Vita For It?


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