Some History and The Future of Console HQ

When you grow up, you have many influences. Someone, or something will find a way to convince you of an idea. Usually, the idea is short lived. It occupies your mind for a while, but then you move on to the next one. That is what a gaming website has been for me for quite a few years. When I was around twelve years old, I knew gaming was something I cared about. I’m not talking about just playing, but learning about them. Shows which covered the industry took up my time, the web had become my source for news, and my love  for it all was growing. There was nothing before I was so passionate about.

It started around 8th grade, I would repeat all the information I saw on G4TV, or online, and spread it as if I was in the know. But, I really wasn’t. I wished I could be. So, after I got my friend into not just mainstream games, but also knowing about the industry, we were hellbent on being a part of it. I have no idea what our site was called, or what it hosted, but I know if I went back and checked, I would be embarrassed.

After that, the idea stayed dormant for quite a while. I lost some of my interest in gaming. More as a player than a seeker of news. But, eventually around early 2010, I found myself back in the mood to have a website dedicated to writing about games. I started a website which was hosted on a free site, and wrote a few things. I forgot the name, but  just ended up thinking of it and checked the site out. It’s embarrassing. But, I was able to find funny articles I planned to write. (Some of which I will try to develop and bring here.) The site is hard to find, it would be a hard game to find on moonfruit. Almost a shame.

Again, the idea was dormant until I reached (community) college, and met Michael. By some freak chance, I clicked on an assignment he submitted in an online class we shared. He mentioned his liking for a certain gaming podcast, which I enjoyed listening to. I felt this was a man I could talk to about similar interests. By now I honestly can’t remember how I first communicated with him, but we ended up meeting. It was one of those meetings where you’re certain someone would end up dead, but he would be at a disadvantage because he came to my home. All ended up well, obviously.

Before Michael had come over, I debated asking him if he wanted to start a site about gaming. I got stuck on the idea because I thought he wouldn’t want to. It was a dumb notion to think asking a question like that would be on par as asking a girl out. I asked, and he answered he was going to ask the same thing. So it happened. We were going to start a website together.

We went through planning stages, as we were serious about this. I invested in securing the URL, along with any Word Press fees, and then we’d get started on content. I purchased a capture box in order to record gameplay, because one aspect we wanted our site to be was to heavily include video. So we launched, first making a few early videos which if you go back and look, are pretty bad. But, at that point Michael and I had just met, for our first three videos, we had only met hours prior. But it was the start of something huge for us.

Flash forward a year and five months later. Console HQ is still here. 157 videos, and 3,834 views later, we’ve made a small dent on the internet. But this website, and YouTube page isn’t what I would have imagined when we started. I can blame myself for that. As much money as I put into this crazy idea, I haven’t been supporting it. Go and look at the posts I have made over the course of a year. It’s practically empty. I blame it on the real world fact, no one is paying us to do this. It’s a hobby, not a job.

Michael, on the other hand, has been the driving force of content on the site. He published news, continues to do amazing reviews, and has recently started video reviews. This, in a way, is more his website than it is mine. But I want -no- need to be a part of it. That is why I’m happy to announce the following:

Console HQ is having a relaunch of sorts in the coming weeks.

We want you to engage with us, that means engaging with you. Not just from time to time, but on a set time, so you know exactly when to look for us. I want to revamp all the content on the site, whether it be serious or silly. Michael will continue to do what he has done best – reviews, news, previews, and quick peeks. I will become a part of this website with someone of my better skills – being funny, and that’s it. While Michael is the more serious writer, I want to be here for you to have fun. To laugh.

We’ve invested in a very nice camera, and a green screen in order to better provide you with quality videos featuring more of onscreen personality. We’ll still continue to deliver on what we’ve done best, but work to make it better and add more content. This includes a show starring me, in character, talking about recent gaming news and discussing it. If you’re familiar with The Colbert Report, you’ll feel at home. This show is set to premiere on Friday, May 3, with weekly episodes released every Friday after.

This is all in hopes of a more engaging and connected Console HQ. One aspect I have realized since our launch, has been the lack of engaging content which brings people back, over and over again. I’m hoping we’ll fix that in these coming months. With your continued support, I hope we make this site better for you. In turn, I hope you enjoy what we do enough to show others who would be interested. Because, we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t knowing you love what we do.

Thanks, and I hope to see you on our Facebook, YouTube, and right here on the site.

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