Friday News Recap: 3/24 – 3/30

I heard you missed last week’s recap. Poof, here it is.

Assassin’s Creed III Will Feature New York and Boston, but not Philadelphia, Pre-Orders Really High

Ah, we finally get multiple cities back. Boston and New York were important during those times and it’ll finally be good to get some American representation within the franchise. Any news will get me stoked on such a series.
Apparently people are pre-ordering this game in high quantities. So high that it will seem to break records before its release.


Sony Closes Zipper Interactive

Times are tough these days. I always thought of Zipper to be a respected company within Sony, but I guess they couldn’t bring home enough of the bacon.

Mortal Kombat for the Vita Releases May 1st


Journey Becomes Fastest Selling PSN Game, People Move on from TGC

I’m proud of this arty game and its ability to sell to many people. It could have been a failure, but it broke records. Gamers, you make me proud.
Also, Kellee Santiago and Robin Hunicke leave thatgamecompany. It doesn’t sit well with me when people leave a company but they are probably just evolving in their art. Good luck to both.

PS4 Rumors?

The PS3’s successor has had rumors floating around lately. While it seems powerful (I assume?), locking out used games seems like a terrible, short-sided idea.

Prey 2 Canned?

Sequels come out a lot but few looked to change it up as much as this game. A new protagonist and new layout looked to differentiate this game from its predecessor. Sadly, it looks to have been cancelled. Hopefully this isn’t true, but things don’t aren’t looking up for this title.

Sorry for the brevity and lateness; today (along with the rest of the week) was busier than expected. To make up for the lack of content this week, I’m hoping to have a more next week to compensate. Have a great weekend!
Did I miss anything? Any thoughts on anything posted? Feel free to let me know!

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